Jewellery box

20140729-102832 pm-80912021.jpg

I went to a charity event recently, where there was a black and silver box up for grabs, me being as picky as I am when it comes to colour coordination, decided to make my own to match my room.

First of all I bought a plain wooden box off ebay, you can also buy this from other stores, possibly an art and craft shop. I would suggest buying it off ebay, as it’s much cheaper than art stores, which I also looked at. As well as this, this box is made to be a jewellery box.

The box when I received it:


20140729-100732 pm-79652911.jpg


20140729-095719 pm-79039397.jpg

I bought white paint which is made for wood, plastic and other materials available at Wilkinson. I used this to paint the box, about four coats to make it completely white.

20140729-102152 pm-80512010.jpg

As the paint was rough on certain parts, I removed these, and repainted them to make it smooth. Then I drew designs using a HB pencil on the box, I then went over all off the designs in pink paint using a small paint brush.

20140729-102832 pm-80912021.jpg

I added a little yellow because I thought it looked a little plain, I am considering adding gems to it. I want to line the inside with a soft material to hold my jewellery. I think this is a perfect treasure chest, for a few valuable pieces that you want to keep safe or you wear day to day and need at hand.

20140729-103256 pm-81176267.jpg

This is a very simple and inexpensive DIY, you can do this with existing things you have or make your own !


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