Travel Make Up Bag

20140803-071306 pm-69186647.jpg

I become so indecisive when packing my essentials for a trip. I just want to pack every shade of lipstick just because I might regret not taking it with me.
I had to pack a light make up bag, which took me forever, then I decided to show you all, as it may make it easier for yourselves.

I’ve recently been obsessed with the summer glow, I knew I couldn’t pack every single highlighter I own into my make up so I decided to take this Sleek Face Form in Medium. This is a travel friendly compact as it contains a contour shade, highlighter and a blush. The powder highlighter is very pigmented and so easy to use, I just put it on with my finger and blend it. The blush, I use as a bronzer as it’s quite brown and shimmery. I also packed The Body Shop brush on bronze beads, these swirled together give the perfect bronzed finish great for a sunkissed look.

I chose the Mac Studio Fix Fluid as my foundation because it has great coverage, SPF 15 and is build-able and does not feel cakey on my skin. As I’ll be busy I won’t have time for touch-ups and this foundation is perfect. It is long wearing, gives a flawless finish and it does not become dull-looking by the end of the day. I’m also taking the Mac Ripe for Love Satin blush this is limited edition. I’m not very fussy with blusher and this is a great everyday shade that suits my skin tone.

I wanted to take eyeshadow, but I barely ever wear it.The Body Shop shimmer eyeshadow cubes has the perfect nude eyeshadows. I tried to squeeze in a larger palette, but it’s useless seeing as I’ll only wear it once, and that’s a maybe so I thought I’d be a little smart. These eyeshadow cubes, longwearing and are super pigmented. Mascara I packed, Mac Zoom Fast Black Lash, I could rave on about this forever, it is one of the best mascaras I have ever used. I’m also taking Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal, this is the blackest black shade, it’s creamy and glides on smoothly, it perfect for sensitive eyes and contact users. It is waterproof so it’s great for the beach, no looking like a panda. Trust me you’ll love it!

Lipstick, this had to be the hardest one to choose. I have chosen to take one red, a pink and two everyday shades. The red is Mac Matte Ruby Woo, Holly Sharpe Fuchsia Pink, Mac Satin Spirit, Maybelline Colour Sensational Velvet Beige. As well as this for my lips I’m taking the Kiko 704 lipliner, I don’t use Kiko makeup but I tried out their lip liners at Oxford Street and I loved it. It is creamy, pigmented and long wearing, also inexpensive.

My Travel Make Up Bag:

20140803-081533 pm-72933543.jpg

This is the bag I’m taking, this has a brush belt as well as a mirror which is perfect for a travelling. It’s big enough to fit all of my make up, it also has a handle which is a bonus! I love the way this bag opens up, it makes all the make up easy to see and it fits lots of it.

4 thoughts on “Travel Make Up Bag”

  1. This made me smile – I am AWFUL at packing essentials! Loving the MAC bag and the range of products, keep writing! I’d love if you’d give my blog a glance too. 🙂 Emma x



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