Felt like the sun on this gloomy day !


Hi everyone! I have had a super busy week and have not been able to update my blog for a while, follow my Instagram @whiterosethorn_ for daily outfits and updates. First of all I wanted to tell you all that I have started watermarking all of my pictures as there has been a little trouble, I have made them super tiny so they don’t make a massive difference to my outfits.

Aaaanyway …

You know when you’re shopping and there are so many different colours of the same top and you can’t decide what to get ?

I had to decide on a pale pink or this bright mustard/yellow top. Recently vibrant clothes have been catching my eye because it just adds that wow factor to an outfit.

Today I wore this yellow batwing top and paired it with a chunky silver necklace. The necklace is something my mum made, I had an accident with a bracelet the day I bought it *oops* and after a bit of work we made this pretty statement piece. I paired it with some leather pants, my fav bag (see how I made it into a clutch as well as a side bag haha) and tanned flats. Bags like this are great for long days to change up your outfit, all you need is a clip on strap that comes with most bags anyway and voila!!!

My make up is very subtle, I like the fresh natural look. I left my hair in its natural state and clipped it to the side for a elegant finish.







Flats – Similar Here
Top- Here/Similar here
Bag – Michael Kors
Necklace- Similar Here
Leather pants- Similar Here


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