Favourite Facial Toner

Lush Breath Of Fresh Air Toner


I have been looking for the right toner for my skin for ages, I have finally found it. A toner tightens the skin and pores and remove excess oil, it is a must in your skin care regime.

This is one of three toners available at Lush, this one is for combination/normal skin. There is Tea Tree Water which is for skin that is prone to break outs. Lastly Eau Roma Water which is suitable for sensitive skin.

I purchased the Breath Of Fresh Air as this is most suitable for my skin type. I have used this with and without make up to see the difference in the excess oil and dirt it picks up. This worked perfectly well on both occasions, I apply about three sprays onto my face and gently wipe away in an upward motion using a cotton pad. Remember you’re toning your face, so always use an upwards motion to get the best results. I apply it straight to my face, you can also apply it onto the cotton pad.

This toner can be used whenever, I think it would be great to carry around on holiday as it is an easy way to keep skin clean and fresh using only one product. I have used other toners previously, some of which have had a drying effect on my skin however this toner does NOT do this. Yes it removes excess oil, no it does not moisturise the skin but it keeps it all in balance. It rectifies the pH of the skin after using different chemicals in other face products, and there is no better place than Lush for these fresh ingredients.

It is an inexpensive product for the large quantity that is available. One thing I dislike about this is that the spray is very concentrated. I would prefer if it covered more skin when spraying it onto the face.

Overall I think if you are looking for a toner, that actually does the job rather than causing more problems. Then Lush is the perfect place to look for them.


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