Best Budget Buy

Today I wanted to share with you all the cheapest yet best thing that I have bought. I did not expect much from this product considering its price but boy was wrong !


This facial cleansing pad is from Primark, it is so inexpensive and absolutely amazing. I wanted to tell you all about why I have been loving this product.

For the face

When it comes to using cleansing oils to remove make up it can get a little messy, I have been using this face pad in conjunction with my Camomile Oil Cleanser believe me when I say it removes all of my make up. The bristles are super soft and it does not irritate the skin. It can also be used with your face wash and exfoliator. All you have to do is pump the product on the facial pad, make sure your face is wet and work it in circular motions. It can also be used to remove eye make up very gently with the cleansing oil. It also has this handy little hole to put your fingers through for more control.

For Make Up Brushes

Yes you heard it, this can also be used to help clean your make up brushes. I am aware a facial pad like this is also available from soap & glory but it does cost more. Put your desired product that you want to wash your brushes with, wet the pad, pump in the wash and swirl your brush around it. It removes everything and leaves it looking clean without damaging the brush itself. The handy thing with this is it has a part that can be stuck onto the side of your sink, saves you from having to hold it. This also helps as all of the gunk that comes out of your brush goes straight into the sink, meaning less mess for you.

Everyone needs this product, it is beyond amazing for the price !


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