What’s in my bag?

Maybe I’m the only one, but I tend to carry so much in my bag as I regard them ‘essential’ then have a hard time carrying it all around. The contents of my bag changes from day to day, however this post consists of what I always carry around with me everyday.

At the moment I’m snuggled up in bed suffering from a cold having cancelled all my plans *yey*. I change the type of bag I use depending on my outfit and the time of day.


These are all the beauty items I carry around, the Gilly Hicks Cammeray Petal Body Mist, I love this for touch ups during the day (post here). I dislike using perfume during the day as the scent is too strong when it is first applied, this body mist however is light and perfect. I also carry around the lip product I am wearing on the day, the Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit is my current most used nude lip stain, although I’m loving plum coloured lipstick this season. I use antibacterial hand gel all the time, this is my most recent one which is PINK and the scent is better than your average gel, this is from Primark. I also carry around hand cream, my absolute favourite is this Vaseline Strong Hands & Nails, it smells AH-MAZING, moisturised hands are so important girls, nobody likes dry skin.


Oh yeah, I know what you’re thinking ‘sunnies in autumn?!’ but British weather changes from sun to rain so much during the Autumn. I need this when I’m almost blinded by the sun whilst driving, or just as an easy way to cover up tired eyes while running errands. I also have a card holder alongside the one in my purse to hold all of my loyalty cards. My cards consist of mainly restaurant loyalty cards (Nandos lover as you can tell), as well as beauty cards from the places I usually shop at. Lastly my purse (similar here) which holds my money as well as a number of crumpled receipts !


BOOKS & STATIONARY !!! I have a diary/planner which I use to keep myself organised and get everything done. I love the pattern and magnetic cover on this diary. A pen, majority of the time I carry an entire pencil case but for the purpose of photography, this pen shall represent it all. My iPad Mini which is the most useful thing in my bag, great for reading, playing games & getting organised. I would not be able to live without this, I recommend it to everyone even if you have a MacBook, as this is small and easy to carry around. I always carry around the book I’m reading, even if it’s as heavy as this Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountains Echoed which I am currently reading. It’s great for killing time whilst commuting, for some odd reason I prefer paper books to reading on an iPad/Kindle.

Well that is all that carry around on a daily basis, hope you enjoyed having a snoop in my bag !


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