Personally I think midi skirts are one of the hardest to pull off, it all depends on the length and style. I have been searching for the perfect Autumn colour skirt and I GOT LUCKY and found this gem! Midi skirts are beautiful, printed pencil and waist clinching ones are my favourites.

Today I decided to wear this to an outing with my best friends, the weather was very gloomy and it was raining heavily, so I thought a hat would put this look together perfectly. One thing I disliked is that the material of the skirt gets creased so fast, I ran late ironing it, but it still ended up a mess !

I went for patent thick heeled black heels, as well as my snakeskin side bag and textured black jumper. Just before I went out I managed to break my necklace, but hey it was still fine !





We went to an Indian restaurant in Covent Garden, called Dishoom, which was absolutely delicious, then later to a cute little dessert shop ! I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of Indian restaurants whatsoever but this place was amazing. The waitress was so friendly and bubbly, the food was great. I would recommend this place to both vegetarians, meat eaters, the lot ! It has a huge range of dishes, the presentation is also very good, in comparison to other Indian restaurants of the same price range. Try the Bombay Pina colada (available both non-alcoholic & with alcohol), as well as the GunPowder Potatoes. The atmosphere is standard, there isn’t any background music but the decor however is great. I have to say this, the bathrooms have great decor too! The colours, style & countless mirrors (can’t go wrong there).





The dessert place is small and cute and cosy, and the hazelnut ice cream is the best ! There are two round tables and the rest are high chairs. I think it’s good just for a quick stop of ice cream in Covent Garden !




Jumper – Here
Skirt – Forever 21 |Similar Here
Heels – Zara
Necklace – Primark
Watch – Fossil
Bag – Here

I cannot seem to find a similar style to the shoes and necklace, but they are all recent purchases and available in store.


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