A lil’ Vitamin E Rave – How it completely changed my skin & hair!

As well as having a countless number of health benefits, using Vitamin E has had a HUGE difference on my skin, hair & nails. I’ve raved about the capsules and it’s many uses a number of times, however I wanted to show you all the rest of the products I use and the way they’ve worked for me.


Dr.Organic Vitamin E Shampoo


First of all I ditched my usual chemically loaded shampoo & conditioner for Dr.Organic, there is a varied range available at Holland & Barrett. It completely changed my hair, no joke ! My hair used to fall out near enough all the time and slowly my thick hair started looking thin & lifeless. After purchasing the Dr.Organic haircare products, I now have minimal hair fall out. I love this shampoo the most from the range, first of all because it has a nice scent, everyone wants their hair smelling great !! It has also boosted the shine and smoothness of my hair & kept the split ends at bay. I would recommend this product if you are looking for an organic way of keep your hair as lush as the ads without the chemicals !

Vitamin E – Moisture Lotion for all skin types


I’m not a very adventurous person when it comes to changing up my skin care routine, however I do love this moisturiser. It is very lightweight and thin, I apply it at night as I feel that it makes my skin a little too dewy for my liking during the day. It absorbs very quickly into the skin and is great if a small amount is used before make up application (apply about 20 mins before). After using this for only 3 days I noticed a major change in my skin. No other moisturiser has made such a drastic change, on the third day I was literally in AWE of my skin. It looked plump, dewy and smooth. I don’t suffer from major breakouts but this really gave me a healthy glow with radiant smooth skin. It is also inexpensive & suitable for all skin types, let me know how you find it after using it! Love this product beyond words !!

I can’t find this on the online site, check in store, similar here.

Vitamin E Capsules


I use these capsules for maintaining my hair, nails and skin all at once, I would suggest purchasing these if you want the goodness of the other products all in one. However take into consideration that you may not notice major changes, but it does improve your health. I love using these capsules in DIY homemade masks for my hair and skin (post here).

I have many more product reviews of exciting new beauty products I have purchased which will all be coming shortly.


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