NARS Virtual Domination Palette Review


Nars is well known for its amazing blushes, so you can imagine how excited I was to hear about this new Limited Edition Cheek Palette. It includes the beloved Laguna Bronzing Powder as well as Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush, Limited Edition Sex Fantasy, Limited Edition Final Cut & the also loved Deep Throat Blush. So is this Palette worth £45?



The packaging is very Christmasy & unique compared to all the other black packaging. It has a very sturdy case, which makes it perfect for travelling so your products don’t break. I love the white design !

I think this palette will be a great gift to someone new to Nars or if you’re just a beauty lover. It is also very travel friendly as it has a highlighter, bronzer and 3 blushes HASSLE FREE!


Now, lets talk about the actual blushes. Nars blushes are known for their amazing pigmentation and longevity. Deep Throat is a dusty pink with gold shimmer, there is also a lovely coral and light pink. The lighter pink does not really show up on my skin tone, I tend to avoid this colour. Although this can be worn as a blush for people of my skin tone, it’s just my personal preference. Miss Liberty Highlighter is a big NO for me, it has so much glitter and I feel as though it doesn’t look natural. Felt like Edward Cullen !!  A highlighter for me needs to look natural, not sparkle crazily so I did not like this. The Laguna bronzer is not completely matte, it has a very slight gold shimmer. When applied the pigmentation is amazing, if you prefer matte bronzers this may still work for you, it did for me ! The pigmentation and longevity of all these blushers are the best!

In terms of size the blushes are 0.01oz less than the individual blushes, the bronzer is larger than the individual ! These individually cost £117 so it a saving of 62%. As well as this SpaceNK are doing free UK standard delivery which saves you another £5.

Available at SpaceNK only, for £45.

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