Must Have Luxe Products – Gift Guide by House Of Lure


Nidha and I (beauty blogger at House of Lure) have decided to
collaborate and produce Winter / Christmas gift guides for each other’s
blogs, to reach a new audience and spur our own creativity. I hope you
enjoy my gift guide!


Chanel’s Le Blanc de Chanel (£31) – provides a base which is almost ethereal and is like a white-lit veil which adapts and is suited to every skin tone. It makes makeup look instantly better and makes it last much, much longer too. Even though this is an illuminating base, it’s not sticky or shiny. Le Blanc de Chanel is the single best base out there and Chanel should make a fuss about it. This would make a nice gift especially when wrapped in Chanel’s Holiday complimentary gift wrap.


Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow (£49) – a truly exquisite item, if not for the actual product then for the super glamorous Art-Deco case. It encompasses a cool-toned contouring powder and a highlighter. The contour is not too tan and has a greyish undertone to imitate shadows created by the cheekbones. The highlighter creates luminosity and isn’t too much of a yellow-gold. I initially thought this product would be too shimmery and bronzing, however in reality, those two factors bear little prominence (much to my satisfaction). A high quality, attractive and special item.

Bobbi Brown’s ‘Black Scotch’ Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (£18) – Black Scotch was brought out a few weeks ago as part of the limited edition ‘Scotch on the Rocks’ Holiday 2014 collection. This product demonstrates how small things are sometimes the most delightful. What makes it a perfect gift is that the colour and finish is quite unique. It’s a very deep brown- nearly black- with miniscule gold/bronze flecks (not to be confused with glitter). It has the usual high quality of Bobbi’s standard gel liners and is packaged in a lovely chocolate box with a festive red ribbon design and
gold lettering.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipstick(£23) – an opulent, high-quality lipstick that delivers what it promises to. By that I mean you truly get the look of larger lips despite the myth that matte lipsticks
make your lips look small. What really impresses me is the fact that this
matte lipstick does not feel drying in the slightest. I’m not keen on the
square tip if I’m honest but love everything else. What’s more, there’s a
shade to suit all skin tones so you’ll be able to find something suitable
for any recipient. The rose-gold, ribbed exterior is luxurious too.

Chanel’s No5 (£95.50 100ml EDP, £78.50 100ml EDT) – I know that Chanel’s No5 perfume is one of the most popular ones in the world, so if you like to give gifts that are a bit unique, you probably won’t consider this. I like my gifts and purchases for myself to be a bit unique too however No5 is popular for a very good reason- it smells exceptionally good, too good to dismiss. I have the Eau de Parfum and love it, but I would recommend the Eau de Toilette as it smells slightly sweeter, is lighter without any loss of strength and has a longer longevity. No5 is definitely a Winter’s evening fragrance and couldn’t be more suited to any time of year more than now.


Penhaligon’s Fragrance Collection (£35) – comes in versions for each ladies and gentlemen. It’s an exquisite array of five miniature perfumes,each in a dropper style, with rope tied sophisticatedly around the stopperneck. Each comes in an intricately designed tin which looks stately and is re-usable. Perfect if your recipient is a fragrance lover or prefers to dally with a selection.

Next’s Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle (small £8, large £14) – Next have some luxurious albeit super-cosy hot water bottles out for Winter. I know these aren’t strictly beauty products but they’re the thing I want to gift/have gifted to my friends the most. They are as sumptuous as they are
affordable, and are practical too.


Laura Ashley’s Imperial Bloom Collection (£6-£35) – an elegant range of gifts, consisting of bath and body products. It uses a palette of a greyish blue, grey and cream so immediately stands out from most gift ranges this season. I’ve bought a few items from this range to give to people I know because it offers excellent value for money without any compromise on style.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty’s Compact Duo (£34) – the gift I would most like to receive this season. The reason being is that the aesthetics take me back to a time which I never got to experience- the 80’s- while the formulations of the lipstick and powder encased are very current. I wrote about this product for, where I mentioned that I have never liked powder in the past however feel this one is ideal, since it
doesn’t cake and blends seamlessly. The lipstick reminds me of the Matte
Revolution ones mentioned above but is gold rather than rose-gold. This duo offers great value and convenience too.

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