Mustard & Feathers


Oh hey look, another polo neck article, woops. I love mustard, let’s start there it’s so appealing, mustard & lime to be precise. Although I dislike eating mustard, the colour is still wonderful ! With this jumper I could not decide what jewellery to wear, only because there were so many options that looked great with it.

Antique gold, silver & maroon jewellery I found work really well with this colour. I decided to rock a casual look, it was all tamed down with the white vans. Adding a pair of white heels & printed clutch will do the trick to make it look more dressed up. As well as a shorter statement necklace !

New white trainers *yey* I have completely ruined my beloved converses so I thought these were much needed.

I’ve lain off the side bags & handbags girls, and just been loving carrying a rucksack ! I’m in search of an all black one, as my current one is having enough of my ‘carry your entire wardrobe’ in ya bag situation.

Sidenote: Who wants to see a sale haul article, I’ve bought a little too much recently and want to know if you all want to see it ?

The jumper is long, my legs aren’t that short,come on guys hehe!

DSC_0477DSC_0469 DSC_0481 DSC_0494


Jumper – ITS ON SALE NOW Here
Jeans – Here
Vans – Here
Necklaces – Similar Here
Bangle – H&M
Watch- Fossil

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