Colourful is just where I should start with this.. right? I’m seriously in love with this hot pink lip cream, who would’ve thought it would be this gorgeous being so inexpensive. I’ve styled the newest pieces to my collection of jewellery. Who can spot the cute kitty drawn behind me?!

What I like most about London is always discovering new places to visit, there is just so much to see and do. If you are coming to visit I would really recommend visiting Camden, all I can say is it’s just the coolest place ! One piece, beautiful items to buy, and a HUGE variety of food its heaven for a foodie like me!

Hey I also met Mr Bean .. not the real one but ya know!

So when purchasing a coat, there are two types of us, those that always go for black because it works well with everything or you have a collection of so many different styles. I’m always inclined to buy a black coat, however, nude colours always look great for winter coats, a brown coat is something I’d usually stay away from, but hey this has become my favourite one & that is a bold statement for me to make.

I also wore a milkmaid braid? I believe that is the name, super easy to do and looks like you’ve put effort into it which is always a bonus.





Jeans: Here
Jumper: Similar Here
Coat: Zara
Necklace: Accessorize
Bangle: New Look
Watch: Fossil

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