eBay Makeup Brushes – Review

I should have done this post ages ago & I’ve finally done it after all your requests, I love these brushes so blooming much. For the price and the quality I was just blown away.

First and foremost before purchasing these I would never be a person to buy anything for my face off eBay, which is what some of you might be thinking ! When it comes to make up brushes I think that if it’s very cheap it’s likely to shed like crazy and be low quality, oh I was so wrong.

These brushes come in a pack of 10, 5 eye brushes & 5 face brushes although they can be used for whatever you like. They have not shed at all, through all the washes and I’ve had them for a good 5ish months! The bristles are synthetic & super soft.

One problem I experienced is when they arrived they smelt like paint ?! But after I washed them (do this before using them) they were completely fine.

These are my favourite brushes from the 10 …

From Left to Right:

Contour Brush

Buffing Brush

Stippling Brush

Two small blending brushes


I love these two eye brushes, they’re fluffy and a great shape from blending and for the crease. One is slightly angular and the other domed. They can also be used to blend out your concealer, or even your contour.


The contour brush is larger than the Real Technique contour brush, it picks up just the right amount of product I love using it with matte contour shades as it doesn’t leave any harsh lines, it makes blending a dream. I use it with darker brown, cool toned bronzes/contour as it’s always better to start applying it with a light hand, rather than having a streak of brown. This brush allows me to get a very natural finish, I like using it with the Sleek Contour shade in the Medium face form, as well as the Bobbi Brown Matte bronzer in shade Natural.The buffing brush is soft and large it blends foundation seamlessly into the skin. It is less dense compared to the RT which I prefer, makes it very easy to work with.

DSC_0080These two brushes I don’t like personally as I have no use for them because of the shape I don’t like the flat dense surface.

Buy them here.

3 thoughts on “eBay Makeup Brushes – Review”

  1. Heyyyy, my birthdays coming up and I want to be trying out new products, so I wanted to ask what products I should be asking for? Oh and please do share what’s on your wishlist.


    1. Hi, some of the products that I want and would recommend to you are:

      ABH Liquid Lipsticks
      ABH Cream Contour Palette
      Too Faced eyeshadow palettes – Chocolate bar or the others
      Urban decay Vice 3/ Naked Palettes
      Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks/illuminator/eyeshadows
      Nars Lip Pencils
      Mary Lou manizer
      Dior Star Foundation
      Tom Ford/Chanel Lipsticks
      Too Faced Melted Lipsticks

      Zoeva Rose Gold Brush set, if you want make up brushes.

      They’re the most I can think of arm, hope it helps x



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