Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette Review

I should have done this review months ago but I don’t wear eyeshadow much, so I wanted to take my time wearing this product and giving you all my honest opinion. The colour range for the price is mind-blowing!

This offer a large selection of colours, I feel as though it has the right amount and not too many like other brands. I feel as though high-end brands keep their palettes smaller with better quality shadows. I don’t like brands (which tend to be the more inexpensive ones) add 10 different shades of pale yellow and baby blue eyeshadow, that I know I won’t ever wear. I like palettes with a smaller colour range, better quality even if it comes with the price tag.

This brand has got an amazing balance of both, I will be doing another review of a palette. I can’t express to you all how much I love this, it has very wearable shades both matte and shimmer. I like that it has a few options for matte brown shadows, as a transition colour. The majority are shimmer shadows which I personally like as well as having a variety of colours that work for day & night time looks.

DSC_0091It has a black shade, highlight cream/white shade, lots of brown, pink & gold. The eyeshadows are all pigmented and have great longevity, I like to apply stay don’t stray primer by Benefit underneath sometimes. Even without this, it is still an amazing product and lasts long on my eyelids. If you have oily eyelids I would recommend using a primer to allow the shadow to have a longer wear time.

All of the colours are very bendable and easy to work with, I have tried and tested the shades & they aren’t chalky at all. I think the cream shade is great for highlighting, the matte browns work well in the crease & the other colours can be used as you please, I would highly recommend this to anyone on a budget or if you want to try the Makeup Revolution products. Some of the colours are as pigmented as my higher end eyeshadows, but I always reach out for this one as there are so many colour options to choose from. Having said that, all the eyeshadows aren’t comparable to high end.

The Sleek Palettes, are my favourites from the drugstore and I love this as much, it great for if you’re on a budget or you want a huge range of shades all in one place. The palette is large but also very thin so it’s easy to slip into your suitcase if you’re going away. I would like more matte brown shades, rather than lighter ones, but that’s because I use brown more.

I find that opening the actual palette can be difficult, I have to work with it a little to open it up.


The matte brown, highlight, gold shimmer, bronzy shimmer and the matte black. I lost the sheet with the name of the colours, oops! DSC_0101

In all honesty when I bought it last year I never thought I would be satisfied with the colour pay off with such a large pallette from the drugstore, but this is awesome.


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