Laura Mercier Flawless Contour Palette – Review

CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT ! Palettes make me so excited and happy, as there are so many things to play with inside, plus they look so aesthetically pleasing. When I saw the launch of ABH & this palette, I was torn between the two, but I’m very glad I got this.

Cream contour isn’t something that I wear on a daily basis, more for occasions but it’s always good to have one handy for those days you want your contour to last longer. If I do contour when going out I mostly use the Sleek Face Form in Medium or Benefit Hoola. Sleek has a dark matte brown which is very easy to work with, when you have a nice fluffy contour brush. Hoola also comes with the perfect brush from Benefit, obsessed with the brush. ANYWAY ..

I purchased this palette after reading/watching reviews on the ABH palette, the majority were all talking about it having warm toned browns. I’m not patient enough to wait for them to make custom shades, if ever, that is why I purchased this. It has 3 contour shades and 2 highlight shades.


The contour shade range is really nice in my opinion, I like that the first contour shade is larger than the rest, as this will be the colour I use the most. I think it will really suit people with my skin tone and lighter complexions, as it will be the easiest to lightly blend out. However girls remember you can completely blend the other colours out, even though they look a little daunting. I’ve always found contouring my face somehow very obvious on me, if that makes sense, no matter how much I blend. With this contour shade 1 it’s subtle enough to look natural on my skin tone. For example I find it perfect for myself for contouring my nose, it requires minimal blending which is great if you’re in a rush & doesn’t look obvious. The darker shades can be used on all skin tones too, they will also work well with people with deeper skin tones. These also blend out like a dream, so don’t worry about only using one shade, plus you can mix them ! The shades are cooled toned, but don’t look muddy on my warm toned complexion, I think they’re perfect for contouring. DSC_0116It also has some tips on how to apply contour and highlight your face.

The contour shades are not super creamy, which I prefer as they stay put and have a great longevity. They are all easy to blend out, I like using a small brush to apply it, then blend it out with a fluffy contour brush (review here). All of the contour shades are pigmented. All the contour shades are cool toned, which looks more natural on the skin, as it looks more like a shadow rather than a orange streak on ya face, which isn’t cute.

There are two highlight shades, one which is more yellow toned and the other golden. I really like the look of the yellow highlight on my skin, it doesn’t look Simpson kinda yellow but very subtle with a very nice sheen. I honestly thought the yellow was a matte deep yellow, so I was a little disappointed that it was sheer at first, but oh well. I hate glittery highlights but this has enough shimmer to look natural with no big chunky glitter. The highlights are very light and creamy, whereas the contour shades are a little thicker in consistency. The golden highlight doesn’t show up well on my skin, however I’ve only used it once, didn’t like it & have not touched it since. Your opinions may differ on this highlight, but I still like the consistency and the colour. I will definitely give it another go though, as I really love the colour. It will be perfect for summer time, for the golden glow look !!!

Overall I think this is good to have in your make up kit, it is well worth the price £35 for 5 great products. Pigmented, blend able, great longevity !

Purchase it here. (currently sold out, but I only purchased it recently when they restocked, make sure you sign up to receive an email)  )




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