Pastel Pink

Heyaaa, wanted to bring you all another spring time look, I’m not a huge fan of pencil skirts but the odd one does grab my attention. I was on the hunt for a dusty pink version but settled with this for the time being, the quality of the skirt is really nice, unlike the super clingy ones which I dislike.

So it was birthday so I thought why not dress up a little, it’s not like me to not throw on a pair of heels on every occasion I get but I thought I’d opt for flats. I really like these layered necklaces as I’ve told you guys and this is the most jazzy one, it’s the easiest thing to throw on to make it look like you’ve made so much more effort ¬†but also the biggest pain to untangle.
Crop tops are also not something I usually go for, but this oversized one with this pattern was perfect for this outfit, & it was such a bargain. The glittery bag just adds a little bit of glam, but I had glitter all over me by the end of the day, it looks great so oh well !











Skirt- F21

Top- Primark

Necklace: Topshop

Bracelets: NewLook/Topshop

Bag: BHS


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