Oversized Shirt

This is a simple look which I feel is super easy to pull of, and it looks like you’ve made so much effort, purely because of the bold lips.

Oversized cotton shirts are so comfy and make me feel so relaxed, they can be dressed down for a casual shopping trip or even to work. On my lazy days I just slap on some bold lipstick and wear some shades and I feel good to go.

I bought a pair of black sandals that I randomly came across and I¬†have been obsessed with them ever since. I like the cut out detail, although being a lazy person it’s a little annoying that I have to always buckle them up, definitely not a pair of shoes you can run out of the house with.

I’ve styled my shirt with some jeggings, but they can also be worn in so many different ways, sometimes I like tying it around my waist, or wearing it over a T ..





Jeans: Uniqlo

Sandals: Primark

Shirt: H&M

Bag: Fiorelli

Necklace: New Look (old)

Pom Pom Keyring: H&M

Sunglasses: Raybans


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