Venice – Day 1

When I was packing for my holiday I packed mainly maxi dresses & skirts. They are so easy to wear, fuss free and comfortable for a really long hot day out in the sun.When I went to the main city in Venice, I wore these. A patterned black one, super colourful & another strip dress.

I would recommend shopping in TKMax for your maxi dresses. I looked everywhere for pieces that didn’t have slits or awfully low back/front that weren’t plain, and I only found them in TKMax. (Went into the changing room with,  like 10). They have amazing pieces you guys need to check it out, plus the prices are SO affordable, I found it so difficult to decide what I wanted !

On the first day we went into the city, we bought a huge map of Venice (written in Italian) and I made my family walk for about an hour to get to Rialto bridge through the tiny winding roads THAT ALL HAVE SIMILAR NAMES. Although I am very proud of myself for being able to guide them across the island with an Italian map.

We stopped by a Gelato shop, as well as a fish pedicure store on the way to the bridge. As well as the small souvenir stores. We got to the bridge, and guess what it was under construction ! But still ️️super busy we made it over the bridge and my family were so exhausted that we jumped onto a water taxi along the Grand canale.

The narrow streets with old building, churches and an uncountable number of bridges are all so beautiful. I wanted to compile all the outfits in one, but I have way too much to talk about with you all. When we first left it was cloudy, which we actually preferred as it was cool enough to explore, but by midday the temperature went soaring !




(inside the church)


In Venice people meet up in a square at night and have mask balls (so cool I know), there were thousands of these with so many different styles that you could buy ! I wish I could have attended one !



This is an entrance to another church near the riverside, how beautiful is the architecture.

DSC_0266Rialto bridge. It was sooo busy walking through the bridge. I was a little annoyed that it was under construction and had scaffolding all throughout the inside of the bridge, when we spent an hour walking just to see it !


DSC_0276We then took this water taxi back to the station because we were all exhausted, this is the view from the back of the water taxi.The reason why I have my side bag tied around my waist is because we read that there were a lot of pick pocketers, so I was bring super safe (and untrendy). But nothing got stolen so woohoo.



Maxi Dress: TKMax

Bag: Michael Kors

Cardi: New Look

Sandals: Clarks





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