Holiday Lookbook 2

The majority of the time on holiday I wore maxi dresses, skirts and kimonos. I wear alot of vibrant colours and prints during summer, here are a few looks I wore on different days during the course of my holiday.

Look 1:

The orange kimono is so bright, the material is so comfortable and perfect to wear in a hot country. It was also easy to style, another thing I wore so much, were my Topshop sandals. They are still in perfect condition, and I did so much walking with these and they were so comfortable.






Kimono – New Look

Jeans – New Look

Sandals: Topshop

Look 2:





This is the look I wore to the beach, only selfies, didn’t take my camera as I didn’t want to get sand in it hehe. I wore a lime green printed skirt with a blue T, and a headpiece. WHICH I BOUGHT FOR ¬£2 from Topshop !! I prefer this one to the my other one, (in a coming post) as it fits better, and I like the dangly thingys !

We went to a beach called Lido, it was about 40 degrees out, it was near enough impossible to walk on the hot sand, it burnt my feet a little. As soon as you go into the cool sea water, the breeze and AH guys I didn’t even remember the temperature, it was so refreshing. I highly recommend visiting this beach, it is clean, and has plenty of parasols that you can hire out for the day.


Top: Newlook

Skirt: Primark

Headpiece: Topshop


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