N E W I N: DKNY Pink Bag

Seeing as university is starting soon for some of us and others have already started school. I wanted to do a post on a new bag that I have bought for myself for this year as well as recommending some for you all ! Including what I styled mine with.
People think it is hard to maintain a light colour bag, but if it is made of a good material all you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth.  I’m sure this bag will last me many years to come, as it is very sturdy and structured. I love structured bags. I found that this bag actually hasn’t stained, and I haven’t even wiped it once !!!

Starting university means I need a bag big enough to fit all of my belongings such as my iPad, notebook etc. This bag is very spacious, with zips and plenty of pockets. I have included links to a range of bags including high-end and normal bags I would recommend for school/uni !

I always steer towards a huge black bag, but I thought it would be nice to change it up for once. I also love bags that have a long strap as well as smaller handles as I find them comfortable to carry.










Duster Coat: Primark

Top: Zara

DKNY BAG : DKNY Store (comes in red and black) Pictures available on the website

Wedges: Primark

Jeggings: Uniqlo





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