Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Review

These brushes are so aesthetically pleasing, the rose gold ! The bristles are so soft, and feel amazing on the skin. Now to discuss whether these are worth the price point.

For a price tag of £60 these don’t come cheap. However I think if you want a set of high quality brushes without breaking the bank, say by purchasing Mac sets which cost a lot more, I think these are great. Zoeva sell different ranges so you can get the entire eye set and the face set separately. If you’re on a budget I would recommend this set, as the brushes are so versatile.

The face brushes include a buffing brush which I think is very similar to my buffing brush from my eBay collection. I like the blush brush the best, as the shape of it is perfect for a quick sweep on the cheeks. It also picks up enough product and not too little or too much !

The contour brush is a little smaller and more dense in comparison to the Real Technique contour brush. I don’t really reach for this brush often for contouring, unless I want to concentrate the colour on my cheekbones further. I actually use it to set my under eye powder, which is the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder which I will rave about in a later post !

The fluffy eye brush is SOOOO versatile. If you’re looking to just buy one eye brush. This is the one. You can use it to pack on shadow on your eyelids, it blends beautifully too on the crease. It has to be my favourite from the entire set.

Now the angled brush I don’t like much for gel eyeliner, and it becomes bent and just doesn’t work, I prefer the brush from the eBay set. However I do like using this for my brows as it’s very soft, or to apply eyeshadow with under my eyes.

This powder brush is so soft, like the rest of this collection. I use it to lightly dust off the secret brightening powder from under my eyes.

The final brush, the eye brush with a little point is also similar to one I have in my eBay collection. I use this to concentrate colour on my crease.

Now I know I’ve compared these brushes to the eBay set, just for other that want alternatives. However the quality of these are very different in comparison. I think these are worth the investment.

Let me know what your favourite brushes are, I’d love some new ones in my collection!

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