Laura Mercier Under Eye Products

I’ve tried out these Laura Mercier products for a while now and it has come to a point where I always reach for these for my under eyes. I have the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in shade 2 and the high coverage concealer in shade 5. I have also included pictures with them on.

First of all let me talk about the secret brightening powder which I purchased on holiday in Italy in shade 2. I have dark circles as well as natural creases under my eyes. This product helps set my under eye and stops the concealer from creasing. I usually put it on with a small sponge applicator; then use my Zoeva powder brush to dust off the excess.

When I first used this I was shocked at how long my concealer lasted, all day !  Usually what happens is my concealer starts wearing away and by the end of the day my dark circles start peeping through. There are two shades, depending on your skin tone; I think for people with warmer complexions shade 2 is the correct match. It does really do what it claims; it brightens my under eye area and keeps my under eye flawless. As well as that I like that it is photograph friendly and doesn’t look like I have a huge patch of white under my eyes.

I then went onto buy the high coverage concealer, as one of my friends recommended it.  The smallest amount goes a long way. If you have dark under eye circles, I would recommend this as it is thick and creamy and SUPER high coverage.

I was matched to shade 5 on the second attempt at the counter; by the way don’t always listen to one make up representative, as the first one I went to was a nightmare. The woman put the teensiest dot on my face which I couldn’t even see in shade 3 and wanted me to buy it. I then asked another who tried the shade 5 on me, and I was sold. It is orangey in colour but it blends in and cancels out the purple under my eyes.

In my earlier under eye concealing routine I used to use the  Bobbi Brown Corrector and then a concealer. This product does the job of both at once, it is amazing ! After using this concealer I think it has become a solid favourite in my makeup collection.

One downside is because it is so thick is does settle into my under eye creases if I wear it on its own but when I set it I don’t get this problem. I’ve attached some pictures so you can all see the results.


My under eyes, before any makeup.


After applying the concealer
Secret Brightening Powder
OMG look at the difference !!


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