Nars Tinted Moisturiser

I bought this product because I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis, but I wanted a quick and easy light coverage formula. I like/dislike this product for many reasons.
Let’s start with the pros:

– It gives a light coverage and is perfect for everyday wear

– It makes my skin look healthy without looking like I have product on

– I like that it’s in between dewy and matte

– It has a light  fragrance to it which I like

– Blends quickly and easily


 Cons :

It has an orange undertone that makes my skin look unpleasant and dull.  I prefer yellow undertones and I also think they complement women of colour better. I did my research before buying this. Even so I change it 2 times because I thought the shade was not correct. The shade I currently have is Cuba.  However, the lady at the counter in Oxford Street insisted that the darker shade is more yellow toned. The one thing I disliked the most is that you cannot get samples of this product eventhough it is £31 which in my opinion is pricey for a moisturiser !

On the other hand, having said that I may retry this in the summer when I get more tanned and I may actually like it. I do not want to put anyone off as it is a good product but I just dislike it because it does not match my skin. Then again I think they have a very large shade range for moisturisers.

If you guys have any suggestions on the tinted moisturisers you like let me know !


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