NYX Product Reviews

Hi everyone, so I haven’t done a makeup review in what feels like forever so I thought I would do a review on each of these NYX products that I’ve recently got.

Highlight & Contour Pro Palette


I bought this product because of the range of colours in the palette as well as the pigmentation. All of them are creamy and you can also buy individual refills. I have used the middle two highlight colours under my eyes, the yellow toned one is my favourite. I usually only use my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (Review here) which is my holy grail. The far right highlight is gold toned, and the far left pink ! I use the darkest contour shade with a very fluffy brush so it doesn’t look like a brown blob on my face. I use the two on the right with any contour brush usually from my Morphe or Zoeva brushes (Review Here). The only shade I dislike in this palette in the second contour shade from the left. It looks grey on my skin. However, I do think for only £18 this palette is well worth the money.


When I was buying this I didn’t know if I should go for the white coloured palette with correcting colours or this. I would really recommend this to people with dark circles. I have to say so far this is my favourite NYX buy. It is creamy and pigmented. I use the orange corrector under my eyes and on my upper lip and then I go in and apply one of the concealers. It does not crease like the Bobbi Brown corrector. The formula is very thick so I wouldn’t suggest it if you want light coverage. I also use the yellow toned shade under my eyes. It gives my face a lift and makes me look more awake than I actually am. The shades blend easily into the skin. The darker brown can be used for contouring ! The shade on the far left below is slightly orange and can be used effectively without the orange corrector underneath. The shade in the middle doesn’t match my skin tone, but I’m sure it will be perfect when I get tanned.
NYX Born to Glow liquid illuminator – Gleam

This is a product that I use all over my face mixed in with my foundation or to highlight. It is subtle so it makes it look like you have very healthy glowing skin which I love. It has great longevity and is good for warmer weather because it wont melt off ! I even use this on days wear I wear minimal makeup because it just makes my skin look great even without foundation. I would really suggest swatching this next time you’re at a NYX counter.

NYX Make up setting spray – matte finish/long lasting
This is my first make up setting spray ! I have combination skin so my T zone can get quite oily. I always feel like my makeup around that area just doesn’t look good after a couple of hours. However, this product fixes the issue. It makes my makeup matte even when I wear a dewy foundation. It also prevents my T zone from getting oily after a long day of makeup.  I will be buying some more setting sprays, do you guys have any suggestions ?
NYX Eye Shadow Base – 03

I bought this in the skin tone shade, I was a little afraid to use it at first because the counter had no testers. I thought it would be too light for my skin tone. It has a slight orange undertone which cancels out the darkness above my eyes. One thing I love about this, is that it does not crease on my eyes which is a problem I’ve always had. It also prevents my eyelids from getting oily. I use it without eyeshadow too!

NYX Soft Matte lip cream – Monte Carlo


The lip creams I have to say aren’t that great in my opinion.  The formula of this is similar to Collection 2000 Cream Puffs. Although, I do like this colour because it is vibrant. It is soft, but not as matte as I would like it to be. I think this product is raved about on the web more than it should be, it’s ok but not the best.

Products I want to buy :

  • Dark circle corrector
  • HD concealer Wand Yellow
  • Tinted Brow Mascara
  • Some makeup brushes

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