Get a Flawless Face – Tips

When I apply my makeup there are certain things that I have changed up in my routine in order to get a flawless, long-lasting finish. These are some of the problems I have come across and how I have dealt with them.

Oily Eyelids

Most of the time I don’t wear anything on my eyes apart from mascara. I start by using a toner and I put this all over my face to get rid of excess oil. I use the tea tree toner from Lush. This gives me a good base so my makeup doesn’t look cakey.  I have started using NYX eyeshadow base (review here) on my eyes even without eyeshadow. It is orange/cream colour and blends very well and I find it helps control the oil on my eyelids. It also gets rid of the darkness above my eyes. I then set this with yellow toned powder. The eyeshadow base has a thin consistency which makes it crease less in comparison to concealer.

Dry Lips

Even though I use lip balm at night sometimes I wake up to dry lips before makeup application. Most of the time I opt for either a matte or satin lip. To tackle this problem I use a lip scrub first. You can use sugar and lemon or something shop bought, I use the one from Lush. Then I moisturise my lips with Malin + Goetz lip moisturiser, this is very thick. I leave this on whilst I do the rest of my makeup and then wipe it off. If my lips are still slightly dry I avoid liquid lipstick. I use lip products like Revlon ColorBurst Matte balm or a YSL lipstick, anything with moisture.

Moisture Mask

Recently I have started using  a face mask before applying my makeup. I usually use Origins Drink Up Intensive as well as Superdrug Vitamin E moisture mask. These are alternatives to my usual moisturiser. I have to say it has really made a difference to my makeup application. I have combination skin and it has worked well at making my makeup sit nicely on my skin. My base looks so much better with it. Now depending on your budget you can buy either both work just as well, I prefer the one from Superdrug.

Eyeliner smudging

When I wear eyeliner on my waterline it always comes off and ends up as black dots under my eyes. The way I have dealt with this is by first applying black eyeshadow on top of my eyeliner. Then I use Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder and put it directly underneath my lash line (it needs to be super close). I leave it on for a while and then dust it off this keep it in place for the entire day.



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