Hey Cuties ! I’ve gone out near enough every single day with my family, it has been a very busy two weeks. I have worn casual summer outfits to suit the heat because I have been out the for majority of the day all the time.


I’ve done a lot of shopping recently. I bought a couple of maxi dresses, although I know this weather will probably not last, as well as outfits that are out of my comfort zone. I buy so much and blog so little !  Just to let you know Dorothy Perkins has a sale, their shoes/heels are very nice. I bought a pair of tie up sandals in black for only £10 ! Would recommend you guy check them out !!

The sandals I am wearing in this post are from Oasis. I haven’t shopped there before, but recently I bought 3 pairs of shoes. Their range is amazing it fits my taste perfectly. I bought block heels, flat shoes and these sandals. Recently, I’ve been into wearing cotton shirts. I really liked the simple blue stripes on this one and the collar. I think it will look cute paired with a short beige suede skirt too !

I have wanted to start a sunglass collection for a while now but haven’t found any frames that I like and look good in too! I wanted a couple of reflective pairs for the longest time. I always go into Accesorize, but I have never payed attention to their sunnies. I bought this one that has a tortoise shell frame and gold details. I also purchased a couple of other ones too from there.

I have worn this glittery bag around near enough every single day. I also found the cutest matching purse to it too! I want an everyday side bag preferably in black for running errands but I just don’t know what brand to look into !

Although I’ve been purchasing lots of fashion items I need to find good skincare products. I just don’t know where to start ! There are so many different products people recommend and it drives me crazy researching them. If you guys have any suggestions please let me know.

Anyway here is the outfit photographed by @007kabz on Instagram check out his page !




Sandals : Oasis


Trousers-Miss Selfridge

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