Old makeup – when to get rid of it!

I feel like all we want to do is buy more makeup products, I certainly do. However, expiry dates are important too because old makeup leads to breakouts.
I’m writing about this because I had a makeup clear out the other day. I didn’t know the expiry date of some of my makeup products.
Recently I’ve been breaking out and it’s not just one red pimple. I wanted to clear out my makeup because of this and get rid of any products that could be damaging my skin. I made a list of things I need to change, you may have seen my recent skincare haul on Instagram. I will talk about the things I’ve changed and my new routine in my skincare post!

Makeup products have a little open pot symbol that says (6M) this means 6 months after opening. I checked all of my makeup and got rid of the old products by smashing them, it was very therapeutic!

Trash after:

Foundation & concealer : 1 year

Lip pencil – 2 years

Liquid liner: 6 months

Eyeliner: 2 years

Lipstick Р 2 years

Lipgloss: 1 year

Mascara: 3 -6 months

Powder blush and eyeshadow: 2 years

Brow pencil: 2 years

Hope this was helpful!


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