The Winter Garden

Amazing palm trees, the decor inside is incredible.

I wanted to share my experience at the beautiful Landmark London with you all. I visited on my birthday with my friends for afternoon tea. They had an Easter afternoon tea option as well as others like chocolate afternoon tea. However, they add fish extracts to some of the desserts so I had to opt for a different set of goodies because I’m allergic.

Sandwiches and drinks

They have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options, I got this mocktail as well as some ‘wild berries’ tea. The best thing about this place is they have unlimited tea, so you can drink to your hearts content. They have a range of sandwiches too, I had the option of changing mine to suit me so I got them without the smoked salmon. You could also switch it up for vegetarian options they aren’t very strict on the set menu.

The clotted cream is so perfect

We then got a selection of plain and chocolate scones with a choice of 2 jams for the entire table. These are so filling !

How pretty is the pink macaroon?

My delights included a macaroon,coconut, passionfruit and some tarte. I liked mine except the passionfruit dessert because it was too strong in passionfruity-ness. However, I love that I could have a range of different delights because I am not a huge chocolate lover. So if you want what I had, pretend you’re allergic to fish!

Chocolate delights

These include a chocolate macaroon, cake, mousse and a g√Ęteau. My friends loved these but I guess you guys just have to go and try them for yourselves!

The atmosphere of this place is amazing. We ate and sipped tea all whilst a harp player seranded us. It has a very relaxed and calm environment, especially considering it is a hotel. I think this is the perfect place for an occassion. My friends surprised me with a cute cupcake and a candle, the way they presented the plate was beautiful and I’m sure they do this for other occassions too. The harp player gave us a little Happy Birthday tune as my cake came out(that I had no clue about), can’t describe how surreal it felt!

The service here is good, the waiters could’ve been more attentive and at times it was difficult to get their attention although the place was not busy. However, they took pictures of us when requested and the entire HBD experience was great so I cannot complain!

Here is what I wore..



Skirt- Miss Selfridge

Heels- Boohoo

Bag- New Look

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