The Roof Deck

The Roof Deck

Afternoon tea, on the roof on a sunny day in Central London. The atmosphere and food here are amazing.


We had the vegetarian afternoon tea, the mini burgers were so cute but I am not a fan of meatless burgers so I skipped! The atmosphere of this place is great, unlike other afternoon tea places I have visited, this has a very relaxed environment. The music is great, I couldn’t stop dancing. What I mean to say is that it’s not boring and posh! The entire vibe of the place is perfect for a summer afternoon with your friends. They also have a small outdoor area with a choice of a hut which is so cute! (Make sure to reserve it) You also need to reserve a booking for tea because they stop serving it at 5pm. However, lucky us got to have tea after 5 😉 I think it is also a great place to visit for drinks, I will be visiting again for lunch because the food looked so yummy ! Especially the chips, I am such a huge fan of chips. The Roof Deck does not do unlimited tea, unlike The Landmark London. I also got a macchiato for the first time, safe to say I hated it.


Lets describe this yummy plate you see! The top part is so goooood, it has crisp with a dollop hummus and beans and savoury tarts. The second row has mini sandwiches cheese and cucumber and avacado and walnut. They also have salmon sandwiches. Mini burgers have lettuce tomato and cheese (veg menu). I was so full by the time I reached the bottom, I think I ate too many sandwiches. One of the cakes had toffee icing and popcorn, I have never had popcorn with cake it was a pretty cool combo!  The other dessert with the flower is lemonyyyy like serious lemon, great if you like lemon. The chocolate cake was pretty good too, it had some caramel in it too (not a fan).


Shirt – Zara


The have freshly baked scones and homemade jam with clotted cream. It makes me so happy seeing a perfect scoop of clotted cream. Also, the flowers are edible (I asked)!!

I think it’s a great place to visit with friends if you are shopping in Oxford Street for the day. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and the service was amazing even when it was busy. The waiter even took the jug of water from me so he could refill it himself eventhough the place was completely full. They even joined in dancing with me! The best part is the afternoon tea only cost £20.


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