My Top 6 Summer Lipsticks

Tom Ford – Temptation Waits -£40

This has been my favourite lipstick for a really long time. A subtle brown that isn’t matte and compliments brown skin so well, having said that I think it will look beautiful on every skin tone. I was hesitant at first when I bought this because I was a huge matte lipstick kinda gal. However, this leaves a very nice finish on the lips and you can always blot it if you prefer a more matte look. I think this is perfect for summer because it feels like a balm on the lips and is super hydrating.  I will be wearing this religiously in the next coming months, I think it will be perfect with a dewy makeup look. It is a high-end lipstick so if you’re willing to splurge this is the one as it can be used as an everyday shade or you could buy it for a friend!

Huda Beauty Icon-£18

I mean if you don’t own at least one Huda Beauty product where have you been?! I love this shade in the Huda Beauty liquid matte collection. It is a beautiful coral shade on my lips. The longevity is amazing and I think it’s perfect for long summer days because it means fewer touch ups. I love that it is a bright and summery shade. I like to apply a thick layer of Vaseline whilst I do the rest of my face and then I wipe it off just before applying this to my lips. It looks horrible if it has to cling to dry patches so make sure to exfoliate your lips, I use the Mint Julips scrub from Lush.

Charlotte Tilbury Coachella Coral-£24

I was scared to use this colour at first because I like muted brown and pink shades and this is very CORAL. However, this looks amazing on my skin tone with a little bit of Charlotte Tilbury lipgloss. The colour payoff is amazing but you do need touch ups because it does become dull if you eat! I love the sheen that it gives to the lips it makes me feel so fresh. You could use this shade to add a pop of colour to your look during summer, I always receive compliments whenever I wear it. It has made me step out of my comfort zone and I think you should all give it a little swatch next time you’re in the store.

Tom Ford – Pussycat-£40

Yep, another Tom Ford lipstick. This is matte and I think it would look stunning with every complexion. This is the perfect pink for me, it looks amazing with a darker plum lipliner. This again is expensive, however, this colour can be worn every day and you will get so much use out of it. I love the longevity of this lipstick and the pigment is amazing so you aren’t just paying for fancy packaging. It is very comfortable on the lips and is not drying like some matte lipsticks. The only thing that sucks with these lipsticks is the pretty TF symbols disappears once you love it too much, sigh.

Colourpop- Beeper-$6

I recently purchased some Colourpop goodies and wanted to try their liquid lipsticks. I love this shade it is the perfect matte nude. This liquid matte can be drying so I would recommend wearing a matte balm underneath. The longevity is amazing, as I write this the swatch is still on my hand even though I have washed my hand’s plenty of times. I love that this is inexpensive and that they have a huge shade range. I really need to purchase some more, what are your fave shades?

Estée Lauder Brazen-£26

When you first look at this lipstick in the tube it seems so dark and daring. When it comes out to play, it leaves a subtle sheen on the lips. I think this is a great shade to purchase if you are trying to introduce some darker shades into your collection. It is not too bold so it is perfect for the transition. This lipstick is hydrating and the colour pay off is beautiful. I’d just like to add that the lid is magnetic, it makes me feel so glam (its all in the details). I would really recommend having a handful of bold colours in your collection because nude can get boring!



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