On a sunny day, all I want to do is enjoy the weather as much as possible. What a better way to do that than a rooftop bar, with amazing views?! The decor of this place is stunning and it was virtually empty when I visited during the day.

I think this place would be amazing during the evening too, you could have a birthday party here as it is perfect for big groups. They have a section that looks like a living room, it’s so cosy! They have a huge range of drinks and you can pick any without alcohol, I got the ‘Cutty Sark’! They also have a restaurant, that I have yet to visit!

There is a 360 view of London on different floors. If you’re like me and love sunsets this place is to die for, the sun sets over the skyscrapers of London.

Even though I visited during the day the staff were not attentive at all. However, all of them were very friendly. The music here isn’t the best and you can barely hear it, maybe because I visited during the day.

THE BATHROOM IS SO COOL! Every door is a mirror and the sinks are beer kegs. They also have the coolest telescopes that actually work !!

They also have the coolest telescopes spotted around the place that actually work !!



The sun sets right behind me and looks amazing!










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