I have heard so much about the French toast at Christopher’s that I just had to go and try it out for myself. I got the one with milk chocolate and it was SO GOOD!! I think it deserves the attention that it gets, I finished the whole thing (obviously) but my friends found it too sweet after a while.

I also had truffle fries as a side; I wanted to try them out and didn’t actually enjoy them. Going to stick to regular fries! Some of my friends had mains which they really enjoyed I can’t really comment because I didn’t try them myself. However, they have a halal steak on their menu! They also have an option of ordering in any halal meat if you call them beforehand, which I think is amazing.

The service and atmosphere is amazing, it has a very calm and relaxed environment. We had the big round table in the middle of the dining area. Considering it was lunch time it was nowhere near as busy as I expected and I’m sure they allow walk-ins!


The drinks selection is great, I like that they have a good range of mocktails and not just the standard strawberry daiquiri or virgin mojito. I loved mine and it matched my top, it’s a shame I didn’t get a picture! We had ‘The Artist’, Mixed Berry and Cucumber Mint Martini.

On another note, when I went on holiday I came across this clothes store called Sfera. They don’t have it in the UK, which is just my luck. I only managed to buy three tops I wish I bought more, this peach one I’m wearing is from there. I’m definitely going to shop there again when I go abroad.



Happy face after food


Got a picture on the famous floral benches!


Top – Sfera

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – Oasis | Similar

Bag- Present from my mummy


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