The Chesterfield

Afternoon tea is perfect for special occasions; I visited a Charlie & the Chocolate factory themed tea. It was a very interesting experience; you may have seen snippets of it on my instagram story.

When we first arrived we were given sweet little bottles of fizzy drink! We are asked again about our dietary needs (halal, and no fish for me). They also have vegetarian and gluten-free options. The staffs were very nice and willing to take group photos without even being asked, I mean that’s a huge perk. They also have a pianist playing in the background. Overall, it has a great atmosphere. It is also super pretty. The day we visited every table was celebrating someone’s birthday… I’ll get into that later.


First of all we chose our tea, we had chocolate tea and this flowering tea. The flowering tea was still opening up when I took this photo, it looks better don’t worry. Everything is unlimited here! My chocolate tea was good; they added cocoa beans to it, which was a nice touch.


This was our food, the one on the right is all mine! Even though it is a small detail, I liked the fact they had the fish sandwiches in a different colour, it saved me so much hassle.


We had a selection of different sandwiches, which were really good. I have attached the menu at the end of this post. My favourite was the cute round chicken one on top.


Believe it or not, I have never had a chocolate scone. I also love that they added small touches like the strawberry or maybe that’s because strawberries are my fave. These were really good too and I think they were the perfect size. Sometimes, during afternoon tea they give you so many huge scones that you don’t even have room for anything else.


Right at the top there was a white chocolate golden egg it has a tangy mango filling (I hated it). There was also a bubble-gum éclair, blueberry macaroon and an oompa loompa cake! The scrumptious chocolate bar was my favourite out of all of these!

It was my friend’s birthday, the pianist played the HBD tune and all of the staff sang and brought her over a cupcake with a candle. I think this place is perfect for a birthday, because they make so much effort with the details for everyone that was there! I think the experience is definitely worth the price.


We were then given everlasting gobstoppers and golden tickets to end our experience. The golden tickets have specific offers you can get for the next time you visit!


Outfit details:

Blazer – Missguided

Top – Here

Heels – Zara, sold out online try the Zara stores. | Similar

Jeans – River island

Bag – Gift | Similar

Necklace – Swarovski | Similar


The Chesterfield Mayfair Menu

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