The colder months are finally here, which I am upset about because I hate winter. However, I love the fashion and I can’t wait to expand my coat collection!

I have been wearing this jacket so much since I bought it. It is so easy to style and it keeps me warm. I still can’t believe how inexpensive it is for the quality. I paired it with a Bardot dress for a simple but chic look!

Ok, so onto the most important thing. I FINALLY found the perfect over the knee suede black boots. I love that it is slightly pointed with a small heel, so I can wear it on a daily basis. The reason I purchased this one is because it fits my leg very well and it doesn’t fall down when I walk. Mango also has another similar pair of boots that are more casual, in comparison to mine, that I have linked below. I feel like over the knee boots aren’t tailored for us petite girls so I found it so hard to find a pair. They either have cheap materials or a lace up back, that won’t last a long time. I am just so happy to have this staple piece in my wardrobe now!

I think over the knee boots look great with oversized hoodies and jumper dresses. My favourite place to shop for these is Monki. I will also be wearing them with high waisted black jeans (and everything else I own because I’m obsessed). I can’t wait to style them with more casual outfits and show you guys!

Anyway, here are photos of me posing in random parts of Tate Modern, the museum is huge and their viewing platform is amazing you guys need to visit!




Jacket- Zara

Boots-  Mango, Casual Mango

Dress – Similar Here


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