So recently,  I have been obsessed with trousers as I have probably already mentioned. I think it’s because I am bored of constantly wearing jeans and I wanted to change up my outfits.

I really wanted to try some knitted styles, after wearing my knitted skirt (post here). I realised I can look good without freezing to death. So what better to try that than with some culottes! I love them in summer, so I wanted to style this pair for winter. OMG, THEY ARE SO COSY!!! It like being hugged by a blanket all day.

I love the asymmetric detail and the sides, although they look inside out. I think it looks cool.

I also bought this very warm oversized winter coat from my fave store .. Mango.  The quality is amazing and it is so warm.

Also please check out my new pointy boots. I love them! I can’t wait to style these with more looks because I think they’re perfect for everyday wear, with the kitten heels. But what I also love is the shiny material ..not just boring plain leather. See, I’m totally going out of my comfort zone!



And now for some pictures of me with hot chocolate. By the way guys Dark Chocolate in Brick Lane has the yummiest hot choc .. and a cool chair!


WHO DO I THINK I AM posing like this ??



Almost everything is on sale!

Trousers – Check the stores


Boots | Similar

Turtle Neck


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