Products That Rescued My Skin

I wanted to talk about the range of products and natural face masks that I have used that really have made a change to my skin for the better.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA  2% Peeling Solution

This has made a noticeable change in the appearance of my skin. At first, I was hesitant to try this because it is a chemical peel. However, I loved the results even after the first time using it. I bought this to reduce the appearance of marks from old spots on my face. On the first day, I noticed that it made my skin so smooth and soft. I began by only using it on my trouble areas (on my cheeks) for the first few weeks.Then I started using it all over my face when I became more comfortable with the idea of using a chemical peel.

It tingles slightly when you put it on, nothing unbearable though! I use it once a week and every week I try to add another layer. I say try because at the moment I have only gone up to two layers! You can put up to 4 layers. But I feel like that will be too much for my skin.

Even with two layers, I have noticed amazing differences in the appearance of the marks. They have reduced so much! To the point, even family and friends have noticed. With this product you need to be patient, you can’t expect the results of a professional peel but it really does work!

Plus it’s only £6.30 can you even go wrong?!

Buy it – here

Orogold – 24K Deep Peeling Mask

Ok, let me be honest. At first, I hated this and thought it was stupid and a waste of money. But as I continued using it I have noticed that it makes my skin supple and smooth. It is definitely on the more pricer side! However, I got it for half the price and you should be able to if you find yourself with any of their sales team in their stores in London.

Anyway, this is a mask you put onto your face and rub in circular motions to remove dead skin. I really like using this on my T zone and especially around my nose because I feel like it works really well removing the dead skin. I think I also like it because its a very luxe producs and it makes me feel good on pamper days!

It also has Vitamin C, green tea and other good stuff in it too.

Buy – Here

Aztec Clay + Apple Cider Vineagar Mask

I’m sure you have heard so much about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, paired with this Aztec Clay it makes THE best face mask. It removes all the nasties from your skin and leaves it looking fresh. I love steaming my face for about 10 minutes then applying this mask. Apple Cider can be used on its own too – some people even drink it. I hate the smell of it but the benefits of this mask are well worth it. This is great to use just before you apply makeup or on your nose to make it smooooth.

I love using some fresh Aloe Vera gel after this mask, because I feel like sometimes it dries out my skin! Two tablespoon of clay and one tablespoon of vinegar should do – until you get a thick paste.

Aztec Clay buy – here

Apple Cider Vinegar – buy here

Honey and Turmeric

This is my holy grail. Eventhough, sometimes I put too much turmeric in and turn yellow. This makes my skin so soft – more than any face mask I have ever used. I just feel like a new woman!

I like to apply it on my neck too sometimes – mind you it does get messy. I use a pinch of tumeric and just squeeze out enough honey to cover my face.

Sometimes I like adding random things to this face mask depending on my mood. For example yoghurt, lemon or flour. Yes flour, it helps the mask set well on your face.

Lemon scrub

This is my go to – why buy expensive scrubs when you can make this goodness at home. I use half a lemon and lots of sugar. I use this not just on my face but all over my body to exfoliate my skin.

It is also really good for acne – would recommend it to people who have dark marks on their back.

Lemon lightens marks, it is anti-aging and great for blackheads. Use it everywhere!!!

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