Charlie & Chocolate Factory Tea – One Aldwych Review

Hey guys, so I wanted to share my experience at tea at this pretty place! Including some photos of the food and obviously me!


We were first served these drinks which are non-alcoholic versions of ‘Cocktail Charlie’ it was a very sweet drink. When they brought these over there was smoke coming out of the pot, which looked so cool! They tasted great too.



We then chose our teas, I had chocolate tea – it didn’t really taste like chocolate at all. They have five different options for tea and it’s unlimited woo! We also got a selection of these sandwiches which were vegetarian friendly- they also have meat versions!¬† These sandwiches included caramelised onion, sage and chestnut quiche, cucumber sandwich, free-range egg mayonnaise and watercress on brioche and a cheese sandwich. These tasted great and they were also unlimited, I really liked the quiche.

We then had cheese scones with caramelised jam. This was really interesting, I didn’t expect it to taste as good as it actually did.


Now my favourite part.. the sweet treats!


This is what it includes:

Golden chocolate egg filled with vanilla cheesecake and mango
Chocolate caramel milk
Bubble-gum panna cotta, berries, and meringue
Homemade candy floss – Coke flavour
Blueberry and white chocolate cake pops
Cocoa bean financier
Banana and caramelised walnut cake
Warm scones served with berry jam, lemon curd, Devonshire clotted cream
Ok, my absolute favourite was the cheesecake – they made the inside look like an actual egg and it was cheesecake which we all know I love. You can then eat the chocolate egg too – how perfect.
Everything on this dessert plate I loved! The panna cotta was sweet and a very interesting flavour. The cakes were so delicious. We had so much fun trying out all the new flavours.
The service was AMAZING! The waiter was so attentive, replenished our teas and asked how we were several times. The waiter even had a good sense of humour.
The atmosphere is nice in this hotel – the tea is set on the mezzanine level overlooking the lobby. There isn’t any music but it has a relaxing and pretty atmosphere with lilies everywhere.
OMG, they have the edgiest lift!
I think this is the best afternoon tea place I have visited.
Anyway here are some photos of me eating ..


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