Indian High Tea at Baluchi – Review

Hey guys, I hope everyone has been well. The first thing that I would like to write about is this Indian Themed tea I had for my birthday. My friends surprised me with a visit to this Indian themed tea at Baluchi. The experience was amazing.

First of all, let’s talk about the décor, they have an elaborate blue ceiling filled with ornate chandeliers. They have two entrances one through the hotel and the other side entrance straight to the tea room. Both of which have very beautiful designs, the side entrance is floral with outdoor seating, the other has a table with an enormous orchid on it – both perfect photo spots!

I have attached the high tea menu below, they also have an Indian food menu – which I am yet to try. We ordered drinks separately from the high tea menu. With the High Tea menu we got Mango Lassi and Masala Chai – they were delicious. Now let’s talk about the food, first off I think sharing one platter between two would be the best thing to do. I personally found that there was too much to eat and ended up taking the majority of it home – which my family were really happy about.


From the bottom plate upwards. The chicken Kathi roll was my favourite from this section. The pakoda was standard – nothing special. The Khaman Dhokla which is a steamed chickpea cake was not to my liking because it was dry.


We were advised to eat the Bombay Bhel first, this was sooo good guys. I also thought it was very filling hence why I couldn’t eat most of the food that followed. The samosas with chutney were amazing – I actually used the chutney for the majority of the food. I definitely prefer them over the tomato sauce that was given.DSC_0394_Fotor The final plate includes biscuits, halwa, a nutty sweet and a cake? The halwa had too much carrot and we didn’t enjoy it. The rest, however, was amazing. I took some home for my family and they loved it. Guys these biscuits are so soft and good with tea. The cake was so flaky and yummy too!

Me posing with my food


They gave me a cute happy birthday cake – look at how pretty it is. I think it is a really nice place for a celebration.

The service is really good, they were really attentive and also close by to make sure everything was perfect. I can’t fault it at all.

This is going to be slightly weird for some but bathroom standards are important ok! They have TOTO toilets (google it ppl), nice decor, and it smells great!

Overall, I think this place is a great value for money. It is perfect for anyone whether its a large group or just a few friends.




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