New Years Goals

Happy New Year! This isn’t my usual kind of post and I know it’s almost the middle of January but I just wanted to share some of the quotes and goals I have for this year. To maybe inspire or motivate someone.  I believe it’s important to reflect and set goals for the coming year. There are many things that I want to achieve and do and one thing I believe in is that speaking it into existence is the first step in doing so.

Some of my favourite quotes are:

  1. Time is money.
  2.  No rain, no flowers.
  3. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

One of the most important goals I have this year is to step back and enjoy the process rather than worrying too much about the outcome. Another one is spending time and making effort with people who matter. Sometimes I feel like I am so consumed with working that I don’t have the time to spend it with people I want – finding the correct balance is definitely one of my goals this year.

Being positive is also one thing that I believe will determine the kind of year I have. Being grateful for things has made me understand and appreciate what is around me so much more. I started doing Yoga last year, I want to continue this regularly as I think it will definitely help me be a more mindful and present person. I love watching Yoga with Adriene on Youtube she has so many workouts but I would love to attend some classes this year too.

This year I have also started listening to Podcasts, two of my favourites are The Good Life with Stevie & Sazan and Freshly Grounded – they have this new episode titled “From counting penny’s to world’s largest oil company” which I think is definitely worth listening to.

Anyway, I think that is a brief round-up of a few of the things that I would like to achieve this year. What are yours, I would love to know?


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