Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest is a beautiful city in Hungary that I visited this summer. It is split by the river Danube with the hilly side ‘Buda’ and the flat side ‘Pest’. I put together a guide for the best things to do in Budapest – of course with some of the outfits that I wore on holiday.

Budapest is a city that you can explore just by walking – everything is quite close to one another and easily accessible.

Hungarian Parliment House

The most iconic building in Budapest is this – we explored it whilst walking around the grounds as well as on a river cruise. A river cruise on the River Danube is a must in Budapest the views are sensational. You can also ride segway boards here to check out the view if you get tired of walking.

Fisherman Bastion 

Mathias Church

The view from here is incredible you can see the entire city. It is hilly and takes effort to get to but it is well worth it. In the same vicinity is Mathias Church another spot that is worth visiting.

Chain Bridge

This is the famous bridge in Budapest – there are plenty more. You can walk across them and the views are amazing. The bridge links both sides of Budapest. The views are incredible from each bridge, one of my favourites is Elizabeth Bridge.

New York Cafe

This is a cafe located in Budapest – the decor is insane. I visited here for breakfast and had pancakes, buffet breakfast and some good coffee. I think the place speaks for itself – make sure to make a reservation to avoid the queues.


These are some of the outfits that I wore during the time there, it is really hot so simple jumpsuits and dresses were my go-to.



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