7 of the BEST face masks

Staying at home means we have more time for self-care. I have really enjoyed making my own face masks at home. Here are a few face masks that I love to buy and make myself.


  1. For Glowing Skin – Homemade


1/4 tsp of Turmeric

1 tbsp Honey

1tbsp Gram Flour

This is a staple that many people love to use. It is so effective and works really well with my skin. I have tried many combinations of turmeric face masks and this one works the best for my skin.

Turmeric reduces hyperpigmentation and it contains anti-oxidant. Honey helps balance the skin and hydrates the skin. Gram Flour has lots of benefits for the skin that includes controlling excess sebum production, soothing inflamed skin and treating acne. I also like that this makes the face mask thicker, so it stays in place.

When I use this face mask, I wear a top that I don’t mind getting dirty – because it stains.

After using this mask, I wash my face and use toner to get rid of excess turmeric.

2. Hydrating Sheet Masks


Dr Jart Face Masks

Sephora Face Mask

Dermal Face Mask

These are some sheet masks that I like to use.

Hydrating sheet masks, unlike others, can be used as often as you need them. They restore hydration to the skin – I use mine for makeup or as part of my nighttime skincare routine.

I like the Dr Jart+ collection for specific skin concerns. My two favourite masks from them are the brightening solution and vital hydra solution. I love the Brightening Solution on days when my skin feels dull – to give it a boost. When I have very dry skin I use the Vital Hydra face mask along with hyaluronic acid for my nighttime skincare.

The Sephora Collection face masks are a staple, I love using them before applying my makeup.

The Dermal face masks are a game-changer. I use them at least once a week, I love the range that they have available.

3. For Super Soft Skin – Homemade

Aloe Vera 

Rice Flour

This face mask leaves my skin feeling very soft. You can store it for up to a week. I have only recently discovered it but it is amazing! Keep it on for 10 minutes until it is dry, rinse, and then apply your favourite moisturiser.

I have an Aloe Vera plant that I use I recommend buying one and using the aloe vera gel fresh. Just make sure to water it 😛

4. Clay Masks


Aztec Indian Healing Clay + Apple Cider vinegar 

Sephora Clay Mask

Indian healing clay and apple cider make the best face mask. This face mask can be drying so you need to make sure to use a thick moisturiser. It draws all of the impurities out from my face and leaves it feeling amazing. This also lasts for a long time and it is easy to make. I have used lots of clay masks and this is definitely one of my favourites. Plus both of these products can be used for many other things.

I really like Sephora Clay masks because they don’t make my skin feel tight. I use this after a shower or when I have dry skin – so my skin does not dry out further but I still get all of the benefits.

That is all from me today, I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

What are your favourite face masks?

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