Felt like the sun on this gloomy day !


Hi everyone! I have had a super busy week and have not been able to update my blog for a while, follow my Instagram @whiterosethorn_ for daily outfits and updates. First of all I wanted to tell you all that I have started watermarking all of my pictures as there has been a little trouble, I have made them super tiny so they don’t make a massive difference to my outfits.

Aaaanyway …

You know when you’re shopping and there are so many different colours of the same top and you can’t decide what to get ?

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Camomile Goodness


Hi everyone hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer. I went to Birmingham recently for the day, of course I went on a shopping trip to the Bullring. Personally I find the shopping centre so confusing, why is the bottom only connected? Anyway I bought a few bits and bobs from there, also I happened to meet the youtuber saimasmileslike *fangirl moment*.

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