Hey, everyone, I visited Dim T which is an oriental restaurant which has an amazing view of Tower Bridge with an outdoor seating area which is perfect for summer.

I had a ‘Green Curry’ rather than getting ‘Singapore Noodles’ that I always get when I visit Oriental restaurants. I did enjoy it because it was spicy, however, the downside to this restaurant is that it isn’t  halal and if you’re not a fan of seafood I would not recommend it. The best thing about this place is the views! The service was so bad, we stood around for 5 minutes at the door with everyone working there staring at us and doing nothing. There was so many available staff and the restaurant was not very busy, they only had one person serving everyone.The atmosphere is good when you’re sitting outside appreciating the views on a hot day. Overall, I would not visit this place again because the best thing it has to offer is the view, the food is good but nothing special. I think there are many more places in London with the same view and much better service!

Anyway, onto my outfit. I have seen the fishnet tights trend and I really wanted to try it out. I wore this silk shirt that is very comfortable in khaki, I have purchased so many khaki clothes lately. I love the look of blue jeans and black heels and I think the fishnet tights really complimented them. I absolutely love the style of these heels!

I have recently been obsessing over this gold bag, it looks great with almost everything girly in my wardrobe. It is a simple envelope clutch but it fits my huge slab of a phone and all my essentials.

River Island jeans are my absolute favourite, if you don’t have long legs then you know the struggle of finding the perfect jeans that aren’t long and also fit around the waist. I love that these are the perfect length and I don’t need to go out of my way to find petite sizes in their stores. You guys NEED to go and try some in store if you haven’t already. The quality is also amazing and I love that they don’t fade as you wash them.


Red curry, green curry, katsu curry, steamed rice and coconut rice



Shirt – Forever 21

Jeans – River Island

Heels – Matalan

Choker – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – Paperchase

Tights – New Look



Sunbleached filter – Sephora


The sunbleached filter palette is inspired by photo filtering effects. It contains warm coloured shades which I think are perfect for everyday wear. Some of these eyeshadows are pigmented however, others do not show up on my skin tone. The eyeshadows are very buildable, buttery and easily blendable which I love.

The eyeshadows are all smooth in texture. These shadows have great longevity when I use a primer (Urban Decay, NYX) on my eyes. I don’t like some of the shades in this palette and others I love.

(L-R) Swan song, Desert rose, Walking in the sand and Secret boudoir

As you can see ‘walking in the sand’ does not show up on my skin tone at all. The swan song shade, it is chalky and matte which I don’t think looks good on the eyes. Desert rose is a pale pink shade which adds a subtle wash of colour on my eyelids. Secret boudoir I think is a great shade to use as a base on top of primer before adding other colours.

(L-R) Swell, tbt and Selfie

These are my favourite shades in the palette. I would actually purchase this entire palette just for the brown shade. I have wanted a nice dark brown colour for a long time and this is perfect. It is a matte brown colour, it is not drying for a matte shade I absolutely love it. It looks amazing on the eyelid with a peachy/pink shade on the crease (my fave eyeshadow combo at the moment). I love the colour Swell it is a beautiful shimmery shade, I think these shades are perfect for night time looks.

(L-R) Sandy toes, Whitewashed and Latergram

Latergram is a perfect peachy shade and looks great for summer looks. Whitewashed is chalky shade and does not show up well on my skin tone. Sandy toes is a pretty pink shade that is very pigmented and looks beautiful with an all pink eyeshadow look.

Overall, I think this palette has a couple of beautiful shades whereas, others do not show up on my skin tone. Most of the shades are buttery whereas two of the lighter shades are chalky. However, for $15 for 6 nice shades I think is a good deal. I am obssessed with the darker shades in this palette.

Purchase it here (it is on sale)